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Our engineers have decades of experience in automotive electronics design. Dyno tested firmware assures perfect performance.

Automotive technology moves fast... And at F1 Auto we constantly develop. Your engine uses the very latest technology, so when it comes to performance upgrades and chiptuning, you should never compromise.

Our years of development removes the risk completely. Technology guaranteed not to harm your engine.

Good enough just isn't good enough. It has to be the best or nothing. Premium quality in design and performance


Perfect performance.

It drives us to provide you with high quality
automotive services, to ensure yourr
complete satisfaction.


Through our ECU tuning service, our customers can unleash their car’s true potential. ECU tuning refers to the Engine Chip Tuning, which makes the engine work within different parameters due to a reworking of the electronic chip within the engine. The chips used will help enhance the current driving experience that the car offers in terms of more powerful engines and more torque to leverage for the vehicle itself.

We specialize in tuning engines through chips and restructuring your car’s internal processes to guarantee a more powerful and strengthened machine. ECU tuning could also affect the fuel consumption meaning less fuel wastage or better performance for the same fuel usage as the default performance thereby affecting the efficiency of the car in a positive way.

ECU tuning allows you to unlock the strength of your vehicle as well as making it more efficient in the process. The chip is created with specialized software and does not change the overall settings made by the manufacturer. F1 Autos has invested in state of the art ECU tuning, that is guaranteed to enhance and impact your vehicle and your driving experience for the better, resulting in impeccable performance and allowing you to gain more control over your vehicle’s performance.

The ECU tuning enhances the transmission, the stabilization, the fuel injection as well as the valves, ignition and the overall speed governance systems for the vehicle. The chips helps regulate speed and acceleration by responding to the stimuli in the car to boost pressure to the fuel injection systems as well as the valves. Our chips have been specifically designed and are customizable according to the model and the make of the vehicle itself.

The chips can also be removed without any hassle on the customer’s request to restore the car back to its default settings.

Perfection at it’s Finest

From PCB design, to touch pad colours, everything has had the utmost consideration. Stylish, easy interface, user friendly and long lasting. Premium quality in design and performance.

The best hardware is useless without software. Our firmware is as impressive as our hardware. Safe, effective and precise, everything is catered for. No guesswork, no estimations, everything in our firmware has its job to do

Generic is no good, that's why we have engine specific firmware. Our engineers have decades of experience in automotive electronics design. And they never stop developing our products.

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