Window Tinting Simulator

All tinted and clear window films supplied by F1 Auto are designed to improve the performance and appearance of your existing vehicle windows.

As we are solely a window tinting specialist we can offer many different types of film to suit your budget and specific requirements, so whether you are looking for high heat rejection for your children or pets, privacy from prying eyes or security then we have the correct film and advice to offer.

All window tinting ranges offered by F1 Auto are available in four different shades as depicted below.


Benefits of Security Film

This gallery shows the benefits of having security film installed if the time came when you had an accident

The vehicle had been through a brick wall, conservatory and a fish pond!


Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) Legal Statement

Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 as amended specify the minimum levels of light that must pass through the windscreen and front side windows.

The limits are:

  • Motor Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1985
  • The light transmitted through the windscreen must be at least 75%.
  • The front side windows must allow at least 70% of light to be transmitted through them.
  • If the glass is tinted to a point whereby it lets through less light, the vehicle does not meet legal requirements.

Which windows in the vehicle does this apply to? The windscreen and the front side windows to either side of the drivers’ head.