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Complete Service

We offer a complete service to automatic transmission problems, from a simple diagnostic check to rebuilding and remanufacturing an automatic transmission.

Our specialists have the knowledge, experience and ability to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time. Our knowledge and expertise means other workshops also turn to us for solutions to solve the most difficult transmission related problems.

At F1 Auto, we deal with Auto Transmission Maintenance . We do Test for Unusual Noise, Test for Unusual Noise, Sudden RPM Increase, Delay in Up/Down Shift and much more.


Complete Service

It drives us to provide you with high quality automotive services, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The gearbox is one of the most important and vital component of any vehicle. Troubles in shifting or sudden jumps in the gear can be a cause for concern.

F1 Autos specializes as the best in gearbox repair and maintenance. Gearboxes can wear out due to extreme heat and friction that is exposed to, because it is the connecting component between the power the engine emulates to the driveshaft. Routine repair of the gearbox can help avoid future problems that can arise with it, which could be more serious and might result in an overall rebuilding of the gearbox, which is why it is a better alternative to routinely maintain and repair the gearbox and F1 is the one-stop solution for this need. F1 Motors uses a team of highly skilled mechanics and the best in car servicing technology to restore your gearbox to its top working condition and make the repairs as necessary.

The transmission of the vehicle experiences a large amount of wear and tear during driving and often requires transmission repair so that it can function smoothly and lasts longer. A diagnostic test will help determine the fault in the gearbox which is causing problems such as leaks, a burning smell, a clutch that keeps dragging. All of these are symptoms of a faulty gearbox.

F1 Autos offers expertise when it comes to auto transmission repair and maintenance so that more problems do not surface in this respect. Gearbox repair can be complicated, and is best done by professional and trained mechanics who can properly attend to the prevailing issues in the gearbox, clean and test it for hidden defects or repairs and fix it back into the vehicle to ensure optimized performance and results.

F1 Autos is geared to provide reliable solutions which are tailor made and customized to our customer’s vehicle when it comes to maintenance and repair of car gearbox.


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we provide quality service at your convenience.
We offer a comprehensive servicing
packages for your vehicle that keeps your car in tip-top condition.
  • Diagnostic checks using computerised equipment and tools
  • Rebuild, remanufacture, overhual and repair automatic transmissions
  • Free checks and advices on automatic transmissions
  • Diagnose and replace transmission components (torque converter, valve body, solenoid, sensors)
  • Rebuild torque converter
  • Automatic transmission maintenance services (Automatic transmission fluid flushing)
  • Supply of automatic transmissions and parts