• Must have features in your car for safety and comfort

    By F1 Autos Car Workshop , 01 June 2018


    When buying a new car there are certain features that can make the car far more safe and comfortable. Certain features in a car can make a whole lot of difference to your ride. Newly manufactured cars are almost always equipped with necessary safety equipment whether the car is small in size or bigger, but there are some features of a car that are more of a choice than a necessity.


    You must keep in mind that all features of a car that are available in a market will in one way or another enhance your driving experience, these products are in the market for a reason and that it to make your driving experience more enjoyable, with a growing online market of E commerce we have the ability to easily purchase extra features that we may feel are necessary for our car. There are many products available over the internet that can be used to improve the safety of your car and make your journey more comfortable.


    F1 Autos has created a list of products that are a must have in every car in order to enhance your driving experience or products necessary to make your ride safer. All family cars must have as many safety options as possible, this may add some extra cost to the car, but in the long run this cost is worth it.


    Here is a list of some must have features in your car to make your ride safer and comfortable:


    Reverse sensor


    Cars that have been manufactured in 2018 have a reverse sensor built in (mostly) but with those of you with older model it is really important to have a reverse car safety tool. The reversing system has a proximity sensor installed in the rare of the vehicle which warns the driver if the vehicle is getting too close to an object. When the driver activates the car into reverse gear the sensor is automatically turned on. The beeper turns on and gets more intense as the object gets closer in order to warn the driver.




    Every car owner is aware that airbags are an essential in every car, most cars are manufactured with air bags instilled in them. During a collision an airbag would be a life saver, literally, it would automatically inflate and prevent the passenger of the car from hitting their head or face into the dashboard, windshield or steering, the airbag is responsible for saving 100s of lives each year. Side airbags can also be installed and work just as effectively as front airbags, they are available at affordable prices and are a must have in every family car, not many cars come with side airbags and F1Autos highly recommends them.




    This safety measure is a little costly but worth it,this prevents the car wheel from stopping during emergencies, this means even if you brake hard the braking system allows you to turn the car away from any danger that might be ahead. Although according to experts ABS isn’t necessarily 100% safe it can reduce harm by a large amount and is highly recommended, especially in cars that have kids in the back seats.


    Seat belt sensor


    This is another feature, that is common in new cars, but only for the front passengers, in countries such as England it is now an offense for backseat passengers to not wear their seat belts, this sensor acts as an effective reminder and an alert to the driver that the back seat passengers are without a seat belt so the driver can act accordingly.


    Another highly recommended purchase if you want to escape the hassle of having to purchase extra features is to opt for a parallel import, parallel imports are on the rise these are counterfeit imports and are 100% legal. You can even buy luxury cars via parallel imports such as Mercedez parallel import this is affordable at


    Relatively cheaper price via parallel import as compared to purchasing a car from a dealer. You can opt for safety measures in your car as it is refurbished they can ensure that it is customized to your preference.


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