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At F1 Auto, we provide quality service at your convenience. We offer a comprehensive servicing packages for your vehicle that keeps your car in tip-top condition.

F1 Auto is Singapore’s top one-stop service centre for all servicing and repairs. Our dedicated and experienced professionals will attend to your needs and work to turnaround promptly.

We uphold and value our professional credibility – we work in a fair and transparent manner, committed to serving our customers for the long-term.

We Offer


  • Change of engine oil & renewal of filter elements
  • Engine Compartment
  • Reset of service indicator
Car Brake Service
  • Brake disc/pads inspection of overall thickness conditions & surfaces
  • Inspection of Tyre & Wheels based on external condition on both sides, depth of thread condition & Tyre pressure (including spare whee
  • Inspection of steering box, steering linkage, joint disc, threaded connections, freedom from leaks and tension of power steering V-belt
  • Inspection of control arms, ball joints, shock absorbers, anti-roll bar bushings and stay road
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  • Topping up of radiator coolant as necessary
  • Topping up of brake & clutch reservoir fluid as necessary
  • Topping up of steering fluid as necessary
  • Topping up of washer fluid & top up as necessary
Car Airconditioning Service
  • Topping up refrigerant gas
  • Replacing lubricating oil
  • System Leak Test
  • Car Engine Diagnostics Services
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Team of Qualified Mechanics.

Heading our team of experts is
Former Chief Mechanic of
Aston Martin Singapore.

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