• Signs You Need An Engine Overhaul

    By F1 Autos Car Workshop , 03 May 2018

    There’s nothing a car owner fears more than a totalled engine. The thought of replacement sends shivers down anyone’s spine, because they know it will cost them a small fortune. While engine rebuilds are considered complicated (and therefore more expensive) procedure, they’re a lot more common than one might think. Investing on timely engine overhauls can help your car perform better and live longer on the road.


    Find out whether it’s time to rebuild your engine with the tips below.


    You Hear A Knocking Sound From Under The Hood

    When you hear a knocking sound coming from your engine that gets progressively louder as

    you rev up your car, you’re most likely dealing with an engine that’s near the end of it’s service life. The knocking sound may be caused by loose components that are banging on each other due to the vibration of the road. When you hear a knocking sound coming from under the hood, it’s important that you go to the nearest auto repair shop and have them inspect your engine right away as this may cause more serious car and engine troubles if you leave it unaddressed.

    You See Smoke

    Smoke coming from your engine is a telltale sign that it’s ready to be rebuilt. Smoke is an indication of overheating, Thick and black smoke is an indication of burning fluids and oils in the engine’s chamber. This can be especially dangerous when you’re driving at high speed so make sure to stop and call for help as quickly as possible. Excessive smoke coming from your tailpipes is another indication that your engine is also ready to be replaced and rebuilt.

    You Experience Compression Loss

    When misfiring becomes a common thing before you start your car, you’re most probably dealing with an already faulty engine. The only way to repair this is to have it overhauled by a licensed mechanic. Misfiring can be a big inconvenience, especially if you’re always rushing to work in the morning. If you don’t want to go through the stress of revving your car for 20 minutes each morning, drive to the nearest auto repair shop and have a mechanic take a look at your engine as soon as possible.

    You Consume Too Much Gas

    You might think a broken down engine will consume less gas when in truth, it does the opposite. A slow and deteriorating engine can actually consume more gas, adversely affecting your mileage and burning a hole in your pocket. To determine whether your engine is still running efficiently, you might want to take a look at your gas gauge from time to time. If the gas gauge is always on the low side even after you just filled up, it may be time to go in for an engine rebuild.


    Being wary of engine trouble before they get any worse is key to avoiding roadside accidents and more expensive repairs. If you need further assistance with your car or engine, don’t hesitate to call F1 Autos Car Workshop  at 6255 7679 or whatsapp us at 9392 3560. Our highly skilled mechanics will be more than happy to assess your engine and provide you with the most transparent repair recommendation you can ever find.


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