• Top 3 Common Engine Problems Caused By Improper Mounting

    By F1 Autos Car Workshop , 11 July 2017

    Your engine is the heart of your car when this breaks down your car can come to a complete stop. Among all of your car’s components, your engine requires the most amount of maintenance in order to function optimally. Everything from your mobility down to your gas mileage is dependent on your engine’s condition. Improperly mounting your engine can cause you a host of car troubles that not only compromise your mobility but your safety as well.



    Learn about the dangers of an improperly mounted engine below.

    1. Misalignment

    An improperly mounted engine can cause uneven weight distribution throughout the car that can lead to misalignment. Any signs of drooping can put your car to a complete stop.If you’re experiencing excessive vibration combined with loud noises coming from your engine, pop the hood and check to see if it’s properly installed. Your engine must be installed at an equal distance to all sides to prevent misalignment and other more complicated issues down the line.

    1. Excessive Vibration and Engine Damage

    When your engine is improperly mounted, it can emit loud noises and excessive vibration that can put it to a complete stop. The vibration is caused by the unfastened engine that bounces around under the hood as you drive along. When left unaddressed, this can cause your engine to break down a lot sooner than you think. The vibration can cause some parts of the engine to crack and loose, which can pose safety hazards when you’re driving at high speed.

    1. Excessive Noise From Under The Hood

    If you’re car is making excessive noises, it’s usually a sign that something’s wrong. When your engine is improperly mounted under the hood, it will emit loud noises due to to immense vibration. It’s important that you act on this right away to prevent accidents while you’re on the road. Excessive noises can also be an indication of other car troubles that require the attention of a skilled mechanic.

    Make sure your engine is properly mounted by visiting us at F1 Auto. We have highly skilled mechanics who can perform a comprehensive inspection of your engine and your vehicle to make sure everything is in proper shape.

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