• What Are Shock Absorbers?

    By F1 Autos Car Workshop , 12 July 2017

    What Are Shock Absorbers?

    There’s more to your shock absorber than you think. On the outside it may just look like an oil pump that controls springs and suspensions but it does more than that. Aside from smoothing out the bumps and providing you with a more comfortable drive, your shock absorber is also responsible for keeping the tires in constant contact with the road.


    When you think about it, your shock absorber is the primary reason why you have any control over your car at all. By keeping the tires constantly in contact with the road, your shock absorber lets you maneuver your car with ease while allowing you to brake whenever you want to.


    Knowing what your shock absorber does can help you better understand the importance of timely and preventive maintenance.

    The Science Behind It

    Contrary to popular belief, shock absorbers don’t support the weight of the vehicle. What they do is convert kinetic energy into heat that’s distributed evenly to the atmosphere through a heat exchange mechanism.


    The piston that’s attached to the end of the piston rod goes against the current of the fluid in the pressure tube. As it pumps up and down, the fluid is forced into the tiny holes of the piston, which slows down the springs and suspension.


    They’re able to adapt to road conditions almost automatically because it reacts with added resistance when the suspension moves faster.

    Different Types of Shock Absorbers

    Despite boasting of a simple mechanism, there are different types of shock absorbers out there that are built for different types of cars. There are three main types of shock absorbers that are specifically designed for specific loads and forces.  


    Heavier cars that are made for off-road courses require a more sophisticated shock absorber with heavy duty springs that can dampen the vibration from the road. Cars that are designed for the city need not a sophisticated shock absorber because it only traverses asphalt road and less obtrusive road conditions.


    If you want to take better care of your shock absorber, you need to know more about it. Driving to the nearest auto repair shop can help you identify the type of maintenance it requires so you can invest on preventive measures that will keep it in shape for longer.

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